dafa888.casino网页版:Big Data Expo sees increasing international influence: over 10,000 followers of Big Data Expo on LinkedIn and 4.55 million views by high-end foreign elites

作者/来源:  Big Data Expo Executive Committee    责任编辑: 周原 时间: 2018年06月07日

China International Big Data Industry Expo 2018 was concluded on May 29 in Guiyang, Guizhou Province. In this year’s Big Data Expo, contracts were inked for 199 projects with a total value of 35.28 billion yuan. The Expo saw upwards of 230,000 visits, which was a record high. At the same time, this Big Data Expo witnessed an increase in international influence. On LinkedIn, the world’s leading social networking platform for professionals, the 5-day expo attracted over 4,300 followers, with a total of 10,413 followers. In the field of big data, it has attracted over 10,000 overseas practitioners, becoming the first industrial brand among the provincial capitals.

China International Big Data Industry Expo’s official account on LinkedIn was registered on March 7, 2017. The number of followers before this year’s event (April 17) stood at 4,290, but this figure jumped to 6,018 during the Big Data Expo commencing May 25. Up to now, the expo has 10,413 followers. The expo has attracted the attention of a total of 4,300 plus users in the field of big data, with a growth rate far higher than that of similar exhibitions in China. As the expo’s influence grows, the number of its followers will continue to swell.

Home page of China International Big Data Industry Expo on LinkedIn

During the Expo, it published a total of 48 pieces of information on its homepage. On the whole, the followers mainly include senior experts and scholars in the field of big data, managers, directors, business owners, and other corporate decision-makers.


Screenshot of some posts 

Of these, the most eye-catching post is the speech delivered by Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba Group, at the high-level dialogue on “targeted poverty alleviation”. The post had 1,487 likes, and sparked 31 comments, with a total of 4,558,058 showings and 47,764 clicks. The post was commented on by CEOs, founders, investors and managers and other senior professionals of renowned big data enterprises. The comments mainly focused on the use of big data in tackling poverty and highly lauded the topic of the speeches and Mr. Jack Ma’s speech.

Best information during the Big Data Expo

Judging from response rate and comments, the success of this post is attributed to the combination of “influential figures” and “big data application solutions”, providing reference for increasing the appeal of the official account.


Pick of the comments on Jack Ma’s speech

Chen Yue, director of LinkedIn’s China Strategic Business, introduced that Big Data Expo harnesses LinkedIn’s real-name membership system and digital advertising to accurately promote the Big Data Expo and related content of Guiyang’s big data industry to big data industry practitioners worldwide, and has drawn the attention of executives from overseas high-tech companies to the Big Data Expo. This helps Guiyang to communicate and negotiate with overseas high-tech companies following the Big Data Expo. “High-level data scientists and CTOs in the field of technology help Guiyang to attract overseas high-level talents.”

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