dafa888移动版app:Thumbs up for the Big Data Expo, Comments from the Guests

作者/来源:  Big Data Expo Executive Committee    责任编辑: 周原 时间: 2018年06月07日

Aldous Wong (President and Chief Commercial Officer, Asia Pacific of GE Digital):

We’ve seen a very positive trend in the development of industrial Internet in China. China’s industrial IoT is a front-runner in the world. The support from the Chinese government is among the strongest in the world. We look forward to cooperating with enterprises in Guiyang and Guizhou province in such a market.

Zhu Pinpin (Founder and CEO of Xiaoi Robot):

Theoretically, AI technology can be applied in all fields as AI is designed to help human beings complete tasks through intelligent collaborations utilizing the computer capacity and algorithms. In that sense, AI can be applied in any scenarios the human beings are involved in. I believe the future is all about the harmonious co-existence of human and machines.

Lian Yuming (Member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Director of the Key Laboratory for Big Data Strategy, and Dean of Beijing International Institute for Urban Development):

The definition of big data is not as important as how big data changes people’s understanding of it and their understanding of Guizhou. The development status of the big data industry in Guizhou has become a leading indicator of China’s, even the world’s big data trends. As the place where strategies are developed, Guizhou can be seen as China’s Silicon Valley. We have given it a name called “China’s Big Data Valley”, which implies its significance.

Chen Gang (Co-Founder and CEO of Mafengwo):

I have a lot of confidence in Guizhou’s big data and next-generation tourism industry. We’ve made the right choice of moving Mafengwo back to Guizhou. Today’s Guizhou can get a lot of attention from the next-generation consumers- more young tourists come to Guizhou to experience local traditions and customs, gaining a deeper understanding of the local culture. I believe that will help Guizhou and Guiyang province to create a brand-new image tourism image. 


Tadashi Uhira (Executive Director of NTTDATA Group, Director & Chair of NTT DATA Asia Pacific, Chairman of NTTDATA China, and Chairman of NTTDATA China Investment Corporation):

This is my first trip to Guiyang, a green and beautiful city and a city “integrating knowledge and actions” just as what Wang Yangming, a well-known Chinese philosopher in Japan said. Big data is the new identity of Guiyang. I think this is the place to be and there’s still a lot of potentials for further development.

Zhang Shi (Partner and Chief Operating Officer of YIDUCLOUD):

We will bring the technology of YIDUCLOUD to Guiyang in the future. In Guiyang, a big data platform, everyone has a deep understanding of the data. As the laws and regulations of the big data are released, Guiyang will become the ideal place for big data enterprises. We hope YIDUCLOUD will attract more medical companies to set operations in Guiyang.

Rajendra S Pawar, Chairman and Co-Founder of NIIT Group (left):

A lot of Indian companies attended the Big Data Expo this year. We’ve seem more of them establish strategic partnership with enterprises in Guiyang. As the largest IT talent education company in the world, NIIT has provided training for more than 6,000 talents in Guiyang.


Ke Mou (President of NIIT China, and Senior Vice President of the NIIT Group) (right):

A variety of cutting-edge technologies related to big data and AI are emerging in Guiyang. I hope Guiyang's technical talents can successfully implement big data applications through professional training.