dafa888.com500:“Big Data Expo Satisfaction Survey”: What are the visitors most interested in?

作者/来源:  Big Data Expo Executive Committee    责任编辑: 周原 时间: 2018年06月08日

On June 5, the Survey Office of the National Bureau of Statistics in Guiyang released the Report on Big Data Expo Satisfaction Survey in Guiyang. According to the survey, among the new technologies and products that visitors are most interested in at the Big Data Expo are AI (artificial intelligence), 5G technology, and VR (virtual reality), and they most anticipate the application of big data in finance, health care, and transportation. 

In the survey, some exhibitors and visitors were randomly selected at the venue of the Big Data Expo for the questionnaire, with 300 respondents, including 150 exhibitors (46 in the province, and 104 outside the province and overseas) and 150 visitors (120 in the province and 30 people outside the province). The survey covered over 20 issues including the Big Data Expo exhibition facilities, exhibition promotion, exhibition services, comprehensive evaluation, improvement, opinions and suggestions.

The survey results show that exhibitors spoke highly of this Big Data Expo, with an overall satisfaction rate of 92%. Of the exhibitors surveyed, 37.33% participated in the Big Data Expo for the first time, and 62.67% participated in the Big Data Expo twice or more. The organizer’s invitation is the main avenue for exhibitors to obtain the information on the Big Data Expo.

More than 90% of the exhibitors are full of confidence about the development of the big data sector in Guiyang, and “expectations about the market potential of the big data industry” is the main driving force for the exhibitors. Tapping markets and finding business opportunities are the main objectives of exhibitors. 40% of exhibitors choose to tap markets and seek business opportunities. 32.67% choose to display corporate image. 22.67% choose to exchange information and explore market trends. 4.66% choose to find partners. In the survey, 49.33% of the exhibitors said that they had invested in Guizhou Province, and 21.33% expressed their willingness to invest in Guizhou. At the same time, 95.33% of exhibitors expressed interest in participating in the next Big Data Expo. When asked about what areas are most promising for the big data application in Guiyang (limited to three choices), 64% of the exhibitors choose the tourism industry, 43.33% the financial industry, and 36.67% the health care industry.

The survey results show that visitors have the highest expectation in the big data applications in the areas of finance, health care, and transportation. The exhibition areas the visitors are most impressed about are the Global Enterprise Hall, Cutting-edge Technology Hall and the Digital Application Hall, followed by Digital Experience Hall, Digital Hardware Hall, Hall of Innovation & Entrepreneurship and the Belt and Road international partner exhibition zone. The new technologies and products that visitors are most interested in are AI (artificial intelligence), 5G technology and VR (virtual reality). Other choices are: self-driving vehicles, AR (augmented reality), unattended supermarket, e-commerce development, wearable technology, Xiaoi robots, King of Glory contest and others.

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