AAA Canton Transportation's Free Ride Program
Happy Holidays. We would also like to thank everyone for his or her Patronage &  For a
wonderful 9 years in business. Please call us anytime 24/7. We ENJOY serving you! We now have 6
Cars and we keep 2 of them on the road 24 hours a day 6 Days a Week. I am proud to say that our
drivers are #1 on time calls and are Always early for them. We work hard to be on time &  want
everyone to have a pleasurable ride with us wherever they need to go. With winter time
approaching you know this means snow, ice, and cold weather! We here at AAA Canton
Transportation wish to say a special Thanks to all of the Hotel/Motel staff members by
implementing a winter ride policy for Hotel/Motel employees. If you have an emergency getting
to or from work  like your car won't start, missed the bus, got plowed in by snow, or some other
similar reason. We here at A Taxi Cab Of Canton would like to wish you Seasons Greetings and
We here at  AAA Canton Transportation will be glad to pick you up and take you to or from work
FREE of charge! All that we ask for in return is your continued Hotel/Motel Support. We here at
AAA Canton Transportation would like to wish you Seasons Greetings and patronage and or a TIP
for your driver to cover the cost of gas, If you have it (but is not mandatory to get your ride) it's
appreciated. Please fill out one of our charge slips as well so that it can be turned into the office
for mileage verification, Thats all you have to do. Like we said FREE WINTER EMERGENCY
RIDES to or from work!
Thank You From all the staff @ AAA Canton Transportation !

                                                     James Kelly/Owner

Taxi Cab PH # 330-353-4483
Owners PH # 330-353-4482

NOTICE:  We do reserve the right to cancel this offer at anytime.
This offer is valid only for Hotel/Motel employees.
Once again special rates are available to people who are getting their cars fixed and need a ride
to or from work for a few days!